Accounting and Business Management

Feel like you’re always rushing at the end of tax season to make sure your books are up to date? Completely overwhelmed with the idea of running your own business or not understanding why it isn’t going as well as you had hoped and expected? Wanting simply to tighten up your finances and make powerful, effective changes to generate more business?  Technologic Consulting and Accounting can help relieve all of your accounting pressures get you on the right track with the direction of your business.

For over 10 years, Gillian has been managing all daily accounting for firms in NY, NJ, and CO. She has worked directly under and consulted with CPAs, in addition to working on her own for all types of businesses ranging from investment banks to breweries. Gillian has also spent most of her career working directly with owners and top management, developing strength in high-level, strategic business management.  

Overall, she excels at leading people in the right direction when it comes to running their businesses and handling their money. So take the leap – let Gillian straighten out all of your accounting and make your business the best it can be!

Please reach out to Gillian with any questions or interest in her services at gillian@consulttechnologic.com. References available upon request.

Accounting services include:

  • Daily bookkeeping
  • AP/AR
  • Payroll
  • Computing and submitting monthly and quarterly payroll, sales and use, and state taxes
  • Monthly banking and credit card statement reconciliations
  • Generating and explaining financial reports
  • Auditing books to see where and how to save firm money
  • Liase with CPA during yearly taxes and anything else throughout the year

Business Management consultation services include:

  • Assistance in starting a new business (what is needed, who to file with, what to do)
  • Best business practices
  • Writing or assisting in proposals for generating new business
  • Advice on contracts
  • Marketing consultation
  • Website Development
  • Human Resources; including employee benefits
  • Consultation on general business questions

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