Business Application Development & Implementation

Is your business in need of software to improve your efficiency?  Is it difficult to understand if you can buy an existing solution or if you must build your own?

Are there multiple systems or websites you rely upon, but spend countless error-prone hours manually copying data between?

Technologic Consulting has the experience you need to choose, develop or integrate business applications into your existing workflow.  We can also work together to optimize new workflows.


In a perfect world, a clever team of software developers and designers has produced the software or service perfectly tailored to your business, at the right price!  Technologic will help you discover such applications, as well as fully verify its compliance and compatibility with your business’ needs and existing solutions.  We will help you implement the solution and migrate your data, all while helping you avoid pitfalls such as vendor lock-in, hidden costs or missing functionality.


In a world slightly less perfect than the one where the software you need is sitting on the shelf, you might find yourself in need of a custom developed software solution for your business.  Fear not, this is the opportunity to get everything you ever wanted.  Determining the requirements, architecting a technically sound solution, specifying and managing developers, testing and deploying take tremendous experience.  Go it not alone, call Technologic!


End frustrating, error prone manual copying of data between systems!  Technologic can help with a wide variety of integration projects.  Some examples to open your mind might include: Integrating Quickbooks with your POS and e-commerce platform or integration of lead sources with your CRM.

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