Business Voice Services

Technologic Consulting offers a comprehensive suite of professionally managed Voice over IP (VoIP) business telephone services and consulting.  Technologic has the expertise and infrastructure to provide top quality, cloud based services to businesses of all sizes.

A general prerequisite for deployment of VoIP at your business is a solid broadband connection and a business class router and  wired network.  “Consumer” class network equipment  is not recommended and is unsupported.  Technologic is happy to assist in deploying appropriate equipment or determining the suitability of existing equipment necessary to ensure high quality calls.

We don’t expect you to fit into a box, but we understand you might want a concept of pricing before reaching out.  We provide the following basic packages,  Please contact us to quote your project.

Virtual PBX:

A virtual PBX is a high quality, flexible voice solution which requires very little on-premise investment and low recurring rates.  It provides a full suite of professional calling features such as: Interactive menus, ring groups, time based routing, queues, conferences, voicemail and much, much more!

Virtual PBX extensions each connect via a wired ethernet connection to Technologic’s cloud hosted system.  It’s best if each extension is located in a location where you control the network and internet connection, though it is possible to locate extensions throughout the world, anywhere there is an internet connection.  Remote or mobile workers can have their cell phones integrated with your system and call routing, allowing a full suite of mobility enhancing features.

Configuration is generally not self-service, though expert consultation will ensure the optimal setup is recommended and successfully implemented for your business.  Self-service deployments are available with optional custom hosting or on-premise deployments.

Virtual PBX

first extension
  • Includes First 2500 min call time
  • First local number included
  • Includes all features like VM, IVR, Ring Groups, etc
  • Handsets starting at $100 or BYO
  • Handsets can be located anywhere
  • Cloud hosted

Analog Line

first line
  • Includes First 2500 min call time
  • First local number included
  • Includes voicemail, caller ID, call waiting & hunt groups
  • Connects to existing phone systems

Additional Costs

PBX or Analog
  • $10 – additional user or line (shares minutes)
  • $0.015 (1.5 cents) – overage minute in/out(domestic)
  • $0.03 (3 cents) – inbound Toll Free minute lower 48
  • $4 – additional local or toll free number
  • $3 – E911 location
  • $20 – number porting
  • $25 – additional blocks of 2500 minutes call time (advance commit)

1 + 10 =